About LuxView Properties | San Diego CA
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LUXVIEW’s continued success is bolstered by an ongoing
commitment to fostering long-lasting industry relationships.

About Us

LUXVIEW PROPERTIES was established 15 years ago and specializes in heavy rehab multifamily and commercial investments, ground-up multifamily development, ground-up coastal residential development, and land assemblage and entitlement primarily focused in the southwestern United States. LUXVIEW PROPERTIES affiliate companies include, a licensed Real Estate Brokerage, a licensed General Contractor, and a Property Management Firm with a narrowed focus strictly on Company owned assets.


LUXVIEW PROPERTIES has successfully completed over 40 complete multifamily rehab/reposition and commercial deals throughout Southern California and has overseen well over 100 company-owned construction projects. LUXVIEW has bought and sold or currently owns over $300,000,000 million worth of real estate.

LUXVIEW continues a 15-year relationship with the highly respected and reputable law firm Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves, & Savitch LLP, who advises on transactions, financing, partnership, and other critical documents. All high-level accounting services are outsourced to a licensed CPA firm and all investor reporting/communications managed thru IMS software for delivering real-time accurate information.


LUXVIEW PROPERTIES has an opportunistic approach to real estate investing by utilizing long-term industry relationships, cost-controlled design and construction knowledge, as well as seasoned experience for stabilization and disposition of its assets. LUXVIEW has an unparalleled market intuition paired with an extensive and proven track record which has allowed for growth and success along with that of its valued investor partners.

The firm’s partners attend to every aspect of each project.

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Commercial Development0%

Residential Development0%

Investor Testimonials

I have profitably invested with Louis and Tim for the past 14 years, not just due to their track record even during economic storms, but also because of my ironclad trust that they always put their investors’ interests first.
-H. Rosen
Louis Scotti and Tim Barzal are absolutely wonderful to engage in a business relationship with. Honest, professional, and sincere in their business relationships. I have bee an investor for 14 years with LuxView. You’ll find that Louis and Tim become friends throughout the years.
-Dr. R. Greenberg
I have invested in numerous properties with LuxView Properties over the years.  It has always been a good experience and it has been fun watching my investment grow in real estate.
-W. Chen
LuxView, Louis Scotti and Tim Barzal, have been key partners in our real estate investment portfolio.  They are highly knowledgeable real estate investment professionals with a keen eye for good returns while minimizing risk.  This is my 9th year investing with them, and I look forward to being part of it for years to come.
-T. Grillo

Our team

Louis Scotti, Principal


Graduated from San Diego State University with a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance in 2002.


Began career in Real Estate in 2002:
• Century 21 Award licensed Sales Associate, a residential real estate brokerage.
• 2003 became a licensed Real Estate Broker.
• While at Century 21, ranked in the top 1% of all agents/brokers nationwide.


In 2005, Louis began syndicating apartment buildings for the purpose of cashflow and appreciation with his business partner Tim Barzal and formed Barzal & Scotti Real Estate Corporation. These assets were capitalized utilizing relationship debt sources and a “Friends and Family” group of investors who continue to participate in investments with LUXVIEW PROPERTIES today. The multifamily assets syndicated from 2005 through 2008 have been successfully sold.


While continuing in the apartment business, in 2009 SDHOMES was purchased and utilized to operate a real estate brokerage and later an escrow company. SDHOMES had approximately 50 sales agents specializing in residential sales throughout San Diego County. SDHOMES also provided a platform to purchase distressed single-family assets to renovate and sell on a large scale.


In addition to rehab assets, coastal area ground-up development projects were acquired and completed in-house from start to finish. The brokerage and escrow company have been sold; however, Louis and Tim still own the SDHOMES trademark.


In 2012, the company began purchasing heavy value-add and/or underperforming multifamily assets. These assets are renovated, leased, stabilized, and sold for huge returns. Utilizing relationships with brokers, numerous commercial properties and land entitlement projects have also been acquired and completed.


Today Louis, along with Tim are the Principals of LUXVIEW PROPERTIES and have a primary focus on value-add, development, and cash flow multifamily. Although the investment group has grown substantially over the years. The company is proud to have original investors from early years still investing today.


Louis Scotti is a 3rd generation San Diego native, 40 years of age, and resides in Rancho Santa Fe, California with his wife Erin Scotti, along with his three children Enzo, Gia, and Louis.

Tim Barzal, Principal


Graduated from the University of San Diego with a BA in Business Administration in 2003.


Began career in Real Estate in 2002 with Hanken Cono & Assad, a San Diego apartment syndication and management firm owning and operating approximately 4,500 apartment units as well as approximately 500,000 sf of commercial space throughout the County.


Responsibilities included:
• Acquisitions underwriting
• Project/Construction Management
• High level property management functions
• Investor capital account management
• Financing


Started Barzal & Scotti Real Estate Corporation with Louis Scotti in 2005.


Syndicated numerous apartment buildings throughout San Diego County and operated for cashflow. Managed the properties as well as provided asset management services to the partnership.

Operated a San Diego Based real estate brokerage/escrow company.


Purchased distressed single-family assets to renovate and sell. Successfully completed numerous heavy lift rehabs with both in house construction crew as well as outsourced contractor/sub-contractors.


Purchased heavy value-add distressed and/or underperforming multifamily assets throughout the county and completed full repositions including vacating the building, full interior and exterior renovations, and re-leasing/stabilizing.


Built brand new multi-million-dollar ground-up construction beach homes located up and down the coast of San Diego County. Start to finish process includes: purchasing existing home to be demolished and/or raw land, planning and coordination with Architect/Engineer/Consultant team, full entitlements including coastal commission, community group approval, City processing, HOA and CC&R formation, ground-up construction, and brokering final sale to consumer.


Entitled raw land including Planning/Coordinating with architects/Engineers/Consultant team for such processes as: lot mergers, street vacations, creation of tentative parcel maps, preparation of mitigated negative declarations, and full planning commission/city council review and approvals.


Tim Barzal is a 4th generation San Diego native, 40 years of age, and resides in La Jolla California with his wife Lacey Barzal, along with his three children Logan, Elliana, and Lily.

Adam Rosenberg – CPA, Adam R. Rosenberg & Company, Accounting & Tax Adviser


Graduated from University of Southern California School of Business with a B.S. in Accounting, 1981. He then graduated from University of San Diego School of Law with a Juris Doctor (JD), 1984. Received his CPA license from the California State Board of Accountancy in 1987.

Deborah Murphy – CPA, Adam R. Rosenberg & Company, Accounting Adviser & Tax Practitioner


Graduated with a bachelor’s in business administration with an accounting specialization from Saint Leo University in 2004. Earned her CPA license from the California State Board of Accountancy in 2011. Became partner at Adam R. Rosenberg & Company, CPA’s in June of 2017.

Robert J. Brown – Partner, Procopio, Legal Advisor


Graduated from University of California Los Angeles with a B.A. in Economics, 1989. Earned a J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law in 1992. Practicing law at Procopio since 1994 and resides with his family in Bird Rock (La Jolla), CA.